Saturday, January 22, 2005

January 18 (Tuesday): Everyone’s A VIP To Someone. This morning I wake up totally depressed and down, last night I didn’t even bother to set my alarm clock; I didn’t need to, I have nothing to do today.

Eventually I begin to murmur around 9.25 when I emerge from AM US sitcom hell but today really I don’t feel like doing anything.

Early on Dad hits me on MSN and to be honest I really don’t want to talk or deal with humanity. I decide however to go over to the olds today, there is stuff I have to do over there.

When I finally actually bother to look out of the window, I find that in fact it is a beautiful day and things start to feel/appear better.

After a few hic-cups in preparation, I eventually get out of the house to get going to Clacton and in the end I manage to get my stuff together and finally leave around midday. As I step out of my flat however there is a really suspicious looking woman just sat in the car park making notes from within her SUV. She is attractive however, so her intentions and threats get overlooked.

After I get a newspaper, I am really close to making moves to Clacton when I realise that I have forgotten to get a copy of my CV to take home to print off. This really shows how my priorities are set right now (job search least? Surely not!).

Eventually I get to Clacton around 1PM and when I get there Adrian is home talking to Dad. It doesn’t sound like things are getting any better for him. We all wind up talking until 3PM when Mum gets home and suddenly I realise I have wasted most of the day before I have finally got into doing some writing.

Around this time the parents go out to some bank appointment in Clacton (where I get the impression the banks are royally screwing my parents with their move) and when they get home Dad has had a mild diabetic attack which is really scary.

When I turned my parents’ computer on, sitting there was an email from my aunt, my Mum’s sister and the wife of one of Dad’s bosses at the company that is currently really messing him around. I just roll my eyes and ignore the email after reading the classic line from her: “as far as Bernard is concerned there is nothing up”. Nice one Bean.

Dinner happens and so does The Simpsons in order to give some structure to the world and I continue writing until 9PM when I find myself in front of the TV flicking between Celebrity Big Brother and the documentary about Auschwitz. And at times, its hard to decide which living option would be the worse.

Tonight is Tuesday and therefore Shameless night and tonight it is well back on form. The night ends with attempts to fall asleep on my parent’s sofa while on the boob tube is a combination of Big Momma’s House, Fletch and Live Celebrity Big Brother. Chevy Chase wins everytime.

np: PJ Harvey – C’mon Billy


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