Tuesday, December 28, 2004

December 6 (Monday): Chicks Dig Jerks. This is now the home straight to the exams. And also the day that Sara (Haslett) arrives back in England. I awaken just as (I believe) she lands back in England. And it is the most vile of days with which to return to the UK, bad news weather abounds, it is ferocious outside, cold and dull and infinitely lacklustre, just like yours truly actually.

Today is Exam Eve, like Christmas Eve but without anything good going for it. Today is cram day, a day intended to be chock full of last minute panic revision/study as all things come together and I begin look for sitting the exams tomorrow. Oh yeah, that in an ideal world.

This morning, I receive my Breakfast With Hunter DVD through the post from America and the temptation is just too seducing. Although, I don’t give into that/it until the afternoon. Oh no, this morning On The Town is on TV and I find myself gawping at that for much too much of the morning (hey, I used to like reading Damon Runyon books).

Before I know it, the day has reached halfway/midday and before I can get down to any study, I have to go out and get the daily newspaper and some more groceries (my Asda trip didn’t go all that far it seems). I stagger over to Sainsburys in Stanway and satisfy my apparent craving for a bombay mix dinner. Disgusting.

I get home and still unable to study, weak willed I give in and watch my Breakfast With Hunter DVD. It’s pretty cool to watch Hunter S. Thompson shuffle about more getting in the way rather causing any trouble although the scenes of letting off fire extinguishers in the offices of Rolling Stone magazine and tearing Alex Cox a new arsehole are pretty classic things to witness.

Early evening hits and I receive the interview Qs back from the Rah Bras which is aces.

Study tonight turns to religiously listening last minutes to the revision tapes over and over. I just pray that enough stuff goes in and stays in.

Monday night shite comedy arrives and I watch the Smoking Room for the first time and it’s actually a really funny show. Topski. From there I soldier on with the revision tapes until late, staying up for Film 2004 and Jonathan Ross to see his review of Garden State. I stay awake for the show but fall asleep before he manages to review the film and I am out for the count for the exams.

np: The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done


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