Tuesday, December 28, 2004

December 3 (Friday): Summer Trip. This morning I’m up as normals, the best laid plans. Early doors, I head out to do a newspaper run and find myself unable to get parked at the Layer Road shop so instead I head into town just to get out of the house.

As I walk down Crouch Street I see who looks like Sarah. I don’t get a clear shot (view) so I suspect/consider that she might be avoiding eye contact but confirmation it is her arrives when I see her Dad drive along in her car to pick her up. It is the first time that I see her since the hell night.

Town turns into an experience but fortunately I do not bump into any people I don’t want to see. I check out WH Smith and the new issues of Uncut and Hotdog are out, so I pick them up and head home with view to reading them in comfort. Looks like this morning is going to be a lax one, not so much studying/revising accountancy but more so movies.

The morning gradually turns into afternoon with out very much getting accomplished. Friday afternoons are killers for me, I don’t enjoy. I potter around on the computer as my mobile phone rings three times between 3.30 and 4.30, with Stevo on the other end. I reluctantly answer each time and each time it is to silence. Is someone trying to fuck with my mind? He calls a fourth time at 5PM and asks me if I want to go to the Cambridge City v MK Dons FA Cup match tonight, just to swear at the MK Dons basically. I feel the weight of coinage in my pocket and allow that to dictate my decision, telling Steve that once my exams are out of the way next week we should do lunch or something.

The afternoon gradually turns into evening and find myself enduring and suffering a lacklustre Friday night rather than living it.

With one eye on actually being productive this evening, I find myself emailing the Rah Bras to see if they would be up for doing an email interview and almost immediately I get an email back saying “yay”.

Eventually the good Friday night TV comes on with the Simpsons, Little Britain (over Max And Paddy) and a very funny episode of Peep Show seeing the weird eyed guy stalking some girl all the way to her university while his divvy mate joins some shitty band. Pretty funny.

For the remainder of the night I find myself in’n out of consciousness for the Father Ted and Bo Selecta repeats.

I need to get out the house on weekend nights.

np: Dame Fate – Crisp Winter


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