Wednesday, December 22, 2004

November 27 (Saturday): A Killer Idea. Dream: I am holidaying in America/California with Matt again and we are waiting at a McDonalds for food. Matt has got his food and some oik Yank is being cheeky to me so I wind up punching the shit out of him before dragging him to a toilet where I rob him of his expensive/valuable nose (what?). I find myself back at home, preparing to camp outside in the communal garden, which has been extended onto the parking spaces. I fall asleep in my bed however and wake up in the early hours to see the tent and where I should be sleeping. I sneak downstairs before anyone can see me, so that it looks like I have been camping all night. I am then awoken when some stern (US) police men come around Hollytree Court investigating the beating in McDonalds. As I wake up, I hide in the tent from the police and I look over at the window of a groundfloor flat nearest to my tent where I see Azmei getting out of bed smiling at me.

Bad morning, what the hell happened last night? I awaken the wrong way round on my bed, with my head next to my PC with Phoebe in Toronto waking me up, beeping on MSN from Toronto. Early mornings give me a headache. I dare to look at the clock and it is 5AM and I now find myself unable to sleep but also unable to function. I muster up some energy and manage to switch/flip on my BPP/ACCA audio tapes and give them a listen. I slip in and out of consciousness for three hours before I eventually get up past nine.

When I finally do the newspaper run, I flip through the Guardian Guide to discover that somebody has already managed to get a tribute book out for John Peel. That was quick.

Today I a bit cheerier until I am some study and I don’t really manage to get much done, resulting in my return to my funk disposition, really it wouldn’t have hurt for me to head to Leytonstone today for Justin’s poker and record label night. I end the day with Audit on 20% complete, Tax on 7% and overall my study is 14% complete.

I spend the afternoon doing the Saturday afternoon football thing on internet, radio etc. Today Millwall are at Burnley and after the grief with them last season (and this season’s generally shit away record), a win there today would be fanfuckingtastic. Doesn’t happen though of course, Burnley get a dodgy penalty, slot it away and hold on for a 1-0 win. Whatever.

Tonight’s yet another slow weekend night, I really do seem to have dropped out of the social food chain/process at the moment. Tonight I watch some wanky music about 20th century composers and tonight it features/focuses on Lennon and McCartney but in the most wankiest sense possible, utterly cringe inducing, reducing some really cool music into something really academic and high brow. And the presenter, with his toffee mannerisms, comes over like a paedophile.

The other big TV event of the night is the first part of the Ultimate Film Countdown per actual UK box office takings. I really should not be as interested in this programme as I find myself, I should be out getting pissed and trying to fuck birds.

Oh well, all rest for the not so wicked.

np: L7 – One More Thing


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