Wednesday, December 22, 2004

November 28 (Sunday): Smoking. Today I can’t bare the idea of being in my flat alone on a Sunday, so I escape to my parents and to Holland on Sea. First I stop by at Asda to go/get the Sunday newspapers thing.

It is fantastic to go home but when I arrive the dog looks fucking terrible, his bad ear really makes him look under the weather even if fortunately he doesn’t act it (under the weather).

Today is about putting on a face for the parents. As good as getting a interview immediately was, the one with Acme Personnel on Friday was soul destroying and actually very alarming/worrying.

I find that Dad has started watching my Sopranos videos which is really cool and it seems that he actually digs them. Pretty good.

Without apparent guilt though, I manage to settle into the routine of watching my parent’s Sky without remorse while they run around trying to get their house straight with view to moving in January. And like a little sod, I don’t lift a damn finger to help them.

Instead, I settle down to watching The Wrestling Channel and a shoot interview on there with Hacksaw Jim Duggan and yet again another wrestler than comes over as totally intelligent, hard working and likeable out of character (although you get the impression with Hacksaw that his persona is pretty close to his character). It is a great interview actually, one of the best I have seen, Hacksaw having come from the WWF when it was at its peak and having so much dirt (stories) from that period.

Dad comes in and sorts me out, as he forces me to turn Sky over and put Newcastle v Everton on Sky Sports. I being watching the game for my morbid fascination/interest into the progression/performance of Tim Cahill with Everton this year. I really shouldn’t have bothered as the game turns out to be thoroughly fucking boring but luckily mum saves the day when she announces that Sunday dinner (spuds, meat and puds) is ready. Tastes so good. The game ends 1-1 after Carsley’s really early goal for Newcastle. Tim Cahill winds up being most memorable for being booked.

In the afternoon my mobile rings and it’s a shock as Ross (my man from Unison) calls. Maybe he is wondering how things panned out with my dismissal. Partly. It turns out that he has a spare ticket for Shellac at the Scala tomorrow night. Nice. I’m interested but not in. Bad timing of bad timing, I have a job interview at 5.30 tomorrow night. I tell him to hold fire and tell him I can see if I can work around it. I will not unemployment stopping me from going to Shellac!

In the meantime, the landline phone rings also. And then it rings again and again until eventually mum comes in to tell us how one of my uncle’s has died from a heart attack. This however is not an uncle I can remember meeting but it is the husband of one of mum’s many sisters. The phone rings again and everyone goes morose. I attempt gallows humour, not knowing the bloke, by saying “I’m studying inheritance tax at the moment”.

Back to Sky Sports and I settle down with dad to watch the match of the day (weekend) as Liverpool play host to Arsenal. There are few things that bring me and dad together than our distaste (hate) for Arsenal Football Club. Even as a Millwall fan and the problems with Liverpool in the Carling Cup this year, I will still side with them against Arsenal. A little passion behind the game however doesn’t necessarily make it a good one. With the best of intentions I start out watching it but I soon drift and find myself leaving the room for other adventures around the house. Good times however rule supreme as Liverpool take the lead just before halftime and Arsenal’s slump truly looks set in stone as we gear up for a game of fierce defending from Liverpool. Arsenal inevitably equalise halfway through the second half to take the wind out of our sails but the story doesn’t end there when at the very death of the game, Neil Mellor (the subtle Steven Gerrard lookalike) scores a wonder goal against the ropiest, dodgiest of keepers Lehmann. As I said, good times.

I spend the remainder of my time at home making the most of Sky TV, watching The Simpsons, Malcolm In The Middle and The Wrestling Channel (the Bagpipe Report) before heading off home.

Tonight I attempt to watch the remainder of the Ultimate Film countdown on Channel Four but I have no clue what the result is as I fall asleep next to immediately. It’s not that the show is bad, I just don’t think I can possibly take any more TV in one day. The idiot box.

np: Econoline – Buddy Bradley


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