Monday, January 17, 2005

January 4 (Tuesday): Blue Seattle. Christmas is finally history and I wake up this morning with the world (weather) outside still darker than dark, is it really 8AM I ask myself.

It’s hell day in Bohemian Grove today as I slowly have to squeeze too much stuff (too much shit) into a too small space.

Around 9AM my phone beeps and it is a welcome distraction. Mark is texting to ask if I have PowerPoint. I do. I offer to pop around and says “whenever”.

Hygiene now becomes an issue (ho ho), so I pop a quick bath before heading over around 10AM. Mark still seems jetlagged and shattered. In such a state all things are pretty philosophical. And his house sounds more quiet than I have ever heard it before (despite both his parents being home). We go upstairs to his Dad’s study to do the computer thing. Its done in minutes and it seems knowing me can actually enhance a person’s life after all (ha ha).

Around 12.30 I leave and head over to Asda to do my thing (groceries and newspaper). As I drive back home, I listen to the news coverage on the radio of the tsunami in Asia and it just sounds like something out of Brass Eye or The Day Today (“man remains alive by eating bark off a tree”, “fallen cow prevents aircraft from landing on runway”). Have I become too cynical?

This afternoon Channel Four are showing It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World which is always worth a look.

With the old man coming over tomorrow to drop more shit (stuff) off at my flat prior to their moving house, I have to tidy the flat even more to make even more space. I make a proper bo effort, daring to touch areas that have remained intact since arrived at my home over three years ago. I attack the forbidden area, fill four binbags, waste several hours on it and afterwards it still appears/remains filled with clutter.

I check my email and the Dead Or American answers turn up.

In the evening I check the Diskant website and find that Marceline has voted my website her third favourite of the year 2004. The description reads:

“#3 - JGRAM WORLDSo good it got him sacked so maybe it should have been #1. Or maybe JGram World will be all the better for learning those important rules about Google proofing, pseudonyms and not talking about your workmates and boss on your blog (Hi everyone at my work!). V1 is now no longer online as was but instead you can jump straight into the aftermath on V 2.0. What puts this above most peoples’ blogs is Jason’s prolificness and seeming complete lack of shame. Most bloggers post once every two weeks with an edited take on what they’ve been up to, kinda. Jason, on the other hand, posts lengthy daily posts in great detail without worrying about making himself look good. So you can really get into JGram’s World for what it is which is often riveting and hilarious. The changes in tone from the work entries to the days of unemployment have been particularly poignant. If you know Jason it’s twice as fun and if he knows you then beware! You will be mentioned and you may not look cool either. Read it now before he gets a book deal and why not see if you can be the first person to get sacked for reading blogs at work instead of working.”

Ding dang do.

Justin (Bad Hand Records) inviting a bunch of his to his birthday do on the 22nd. Sounds good but bearing in mind I go into hospital for serious stuff on the 20th, I’m really not sure if I will be able to make it. Couldn’t imagine anything better than a Saturday night out in Leytonstone though.

On TV tonight is a show called Drugland which features people at play and the coke industry in London (probably Hoxton or something). It is a different totally. It is interesting (funny) to hear how they cut it with Pro Plus though. I’ll never look at those tabs in the same way again.

Shameless comes on tonight for its new (second) series and it rules, with Frank’s Dad turning up and further spicing (messing) things up.

Late night and I consider staying up to watch the epic James Dean fest that is Giant but generally, I can’t be arsed. Instead I put in/on the Prisoner DVD and it immediately sends me to sleep. I am not a number either.

np: Magoo – Queen Of The 8-Bus Singers


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